Abandoned Chicago

An experiment in photography. Places and things, decaying or abandoned, in Chicago. By David Chartier, Zach Zulauf, and others

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hey! i absulotely love your page. it is so beautiful. if you don't mind could you tell me a few places that you shot? i'm doing a shoot with a few of my friends for my school magazine and we need a couple abandoned places like the ones you shot at. but again, your pictures are beautiful.

Asked by rouge-n-vouge

Thanks! In every post I list either the location’s address or, in the case of things like Flickr reblogs, name and link the original person who shot it so you can find more through them.

You've not posted in a while. I love this blog. It's gorgeous.

Asked by Anonymous

You know what, you’re right. I’ll fix that soon. Thanks for the kind words!

Maywood Home for Soldiers’ Widows - abandoned since 2003

224 North 1st Ave
Maywood, IL 60153

From Landmarks.org

This handsome Georgian Revival building was constructed by the Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic in 1924. It was designed by Francis E. Dunlap and exhibits simple red brick, 2-story facades with Classical detailing and a screened portico facing the Des Plaines River. Vacant since a minor fire in 2003, it has been owned by the Village since 2008.